Six Essential Tips for New Puppy Owners!

If you are welcoming a new puppy into your home, you are going to have many years of joy with your pet. There are some things you should consider to make the transition easier for you and your new puppy. Here are six of them:

Crate or Kennel Training

Contrary to some beliefs, crate or kennel training is not mean or abusive for your dog. It actually provides your puppy a safe haven when they wish to rest or feel stressed. The key to kennel training is to have a kennel big enough for a growing puppy and comfortable for them. Have a fluffy bed and some favorite toys ready for them, and leave the kennel door open when you are home so the puppy can retreat to the kennel if they wish. With time, a dog can feel very comfortable and secure in a kennel when you can’t be there to watch them.

New York Cockapoo Sleeping With You

You may not wish to have your puppy sleep with you long-term, but consider keeping them in your bedroom for a few nights when they first arrive. A new home is stressful for a puppy, and they will be comforted knowing you are nearby. You can gradually move their kennel to the spot planned for them, but let them stay near you when they first arrive.

Routines are Good

All pets like a sense of routine in their lives because it makes them feel more secure. You don’t have to be perfectly rigid in your daily schedule, but some routines make sense. Take your puppy outside first thing in the morning, then feed them. They will quickly recognize that a good meal will follow getting their business done. Take the puppy on a walk at roughly the same time every day, and they will learn that a walk will come when you are home. Over time your puppy will develop their own routines and you can adapt your schedule for both of you.

Set Barriers

A new puppy shouldn’t be given access to the entire home. They can get hurt, make mistakes where you don’t want them to occur, and so forth. Kitchens are popular areas for puppies because they normally have a floor that is easy to clean for the inevitable mistakes. Block off all exits with child gates or closed doors, and make sure they have plenty of toys to keep them busy.

Take a Hands-On Approach

Your puppy needs to quickly realize that being picked up and handled is normal. You need to touch and handle your puppy a lot so they don’t fear it later when being groomed or at the vet for a checkup. Don’t forget to pet your puppy as they eat, which will reduce the chance of food aggression when they feel their meal is threatened.

Establish Rules Early

Your puppy needs to learn guidelines for where they can sit, sleep, eat, or play. If you have a small puppy that will grow to be a large dog, do you want them believing that they will be able to sit on your lap in adulthood? Don’t let your puppy develop bad habits, because they will be difficult to unlearn if you allow them now. You are in charge, not your puppy, so set the rules now and stick with them. You will both be happier for the life of your puppy.

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