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Spa days are relaxing for people, but they can also be extraordinary for dogs too. Treat your pet to a spa day and your pet can receive grooming services in Sayville that can help them live a more comfortable and healthy lifestyle. Learn more about how to prep your pup for a day at the spa by reading on.

Before and After Grooming at Little Wonders Puppy Emporium

For some puppies, grooming can be an intimidating situation. The process of caring for a puppy includes a lot of new experiences. Before your pup heads into the spa, attempt to prepare them for the new sights, smells, and people they will be interacting with.

The first way to prepare your dog for a trip to the spa is to handle them as much as possible. Help your pup get used to being touched, especially if they are young. Some dogs may be uncomfortable with the constant touching that happens during the grooming process, but they can grow more comfortable with this process with consistent handling.

The next step to take when preparing your pup for the spa is introducing them to a blow dryer. Blow dryers are loud, warm, and scary for some dogs. Use your household hairdryer on your puppy in stages to help them get used to the sound and feeling.

A great habit to get into when caring for a pup is brushing. Try to brush your pup on a regular basis to keep their fur well-groomed and to prepare them for care at the spa.

Some dogs love baths, others not so much. Before taking your puppy to the spa, give them a bath in your tub or sink. Help them get used to the feeling of water and being washed. For some, this will take a few tries, but other pups could enjoy the process on the first try.

At Little Wonders Puppy Emporium, we offer spa and grooming services that are safe, natural, and healthy. We offer 10 percent off grooming on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays, so bring your pup to our location at 15 Main Street in Sayville, to take advantage of these services.

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