The Morkie is a cross between a purebred Yorkshire terrier and a purebred Maltese. They are a small breed dog, usually ranging from 4-12 pounds. Morkies do not shed, therefore they must be brushed and groomed regularly to prevent matting. Since both the Yorkie and Maltese dog breeds have hair instead of fur, the Morkie also has hair and is therefore considered a hypoallergenic breed. Morkies are very active and playful. They form strong attachments to owners as well as desire a lot of attention from their owners. Morkies are a very social dog and love to be played with. Morkies are excitable, energetic, confident and loyal. This breed is usually easily trainable because of its obedience, but can be stubborn, so it is important to begin training early on in its life.

Nassau County Morkie | Sayville | USDA Breeders Only

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