Fix These Common House Training Issues

Bringing a puppy into your home is fun and exciting, but it can also get messy. Potty training your puppy is a must, but it isn’t always easy. Many pups have a difficult time getting used to using the bathroom outside, so read on to learn more about common house training problems and how to solve them.

One common problem that dog owners experience when potty training their pup is that their puppy is soiling the same area over and over again. If your dog is using the bathroom in the same spot every time, this is probably because they can smell the urine from the last time they went to the bathroom in that space. Make sure to clean up the area and rid the space of any smells so your pup isn’t tempted to use the bathroom in the same area again.

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The next popular issue is your puppy pees while you’re at work. Most dogs can hold their bladder for about one hour per month of age. This means a four-month-old puppy can hold their bladder for four hours. If you are at work while your pet needs to use the bathroom, consider asking a friend, family member, or dog walker to help house train your pet. You also may be able to take a lunch break from work or bring your pup to your job if you’re lucky.

Perhaps one of the most frustrating issues when it comes to house training is when your dog won’t use the bathroom when they are outside. Sometimes dogs want to go outside simply because they want to play or explore, not because they have to go. So, once you take your dog out, they may be too distracted by nature to answer nature’s call. Try to pick up on your pup’s cues to see why they want to go outside or train them to only go outside when they have to go to the bathroom.

Another issue puppies have is they don’t inform their owners of when they have to go to the bathroom. Some dogs don’t give cues, so try to train your puppy to do so. Also, attempt to give your puppy cues when it’s time to go outside to get them into the habit of using signals.

If you have a puppy or dog who is already potty trained, but they’re going to the bathroom indoors anyway, this could have to do with a more serious problem. Sometimes pups are simply marketing their territory, while others are experiencing UTIs, bladder stones, diabetes, and so on. Be sure to take your pup to the vet if they are experiencing bathroom issues after the house training process.

Now that you know how to care for a puppy during the house training process, consider stopping by Little Wonders Puppy Emporium to see the Sayville puppies we have available. Find our location at 15 Main Street in Sayville.

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