Don’t Neglect Your Dog’s Teeth!

We all know that our dogs have needs; they need to be fed, loved and looked after. While most of us rarely forget to take care of their medical needs, it is sometimes easy to forget that they have dental needs as well!

Failure to properly care for your dog’s teeth can lead to progressively serious dental issues, culminating in periodontal disease. At that late stage, dogs begin to suffer from bleeding gums, bad breath and tooth loss. This serious condition begins with gingivitis, which itself is a product of plaque buildup on teeth. Left unchecked, periodontal disease can lead to other serious health issues such as diabetes and heart disease.

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Awareness is the key to avoiding these problems from developing. Dogs have a tendency to disguise pain and compensate for it in ways that aren’t immediately obvious. Dogs will avoid chewing with sore and painful teeth, often ‘inhaling’ their food in the process. Additionally, some dogs will display telltale signs of dental distress. Drooling, bleeding and an overall lack of appetite are definite warning signs that something might be awry with their teeth.

Even if you suspect your dog has a dental ailment, sometimes it is tempting to not take action anyhow. If your dog is eating and acting normally, with no outward signs of distress, you may feel inclined to let them continue untreated. However, as we mentioned earlier, dental disease can create other more serious health conditions for your pet. Some dogs, especially those from smaller breeds with large teeth, can suffer from a weakened jaw that is highly susceptible to being broken in minor accidents. Additionally, there is a well-established relationship between periodontal disease and diabetes in dogs, with the two afflictions increasing the severity of each other over time. As you can see, maintaining good oral hygiene for your pet is essential to their overall health as well as their dental comfort.

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