Dogs that are Groomed Regularly are Known to Be Healthier

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All pet parents want to make sure their furry friend is as happy and healthy as can be, and here at Little Wonders Puppy Emporium, we feel the same way! We treat your pups like our own and love seeing them thrive. One surprising thing that not all dog owners are aware of is how beneficial having your pet groomed regularly can be. It’s proven that dogs that get groomed on a normal basis are actually healthier than those that don’t!

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Not only does having your pet groomed often add to their pleasant aesthetic, it can make them feel much better as well. If your dog has long or thick fur, matting can occur extremely quickly and causes many other issues and pain. Keeping fur clean and trimmed prevents mats and knots, which are extremely difficult to comb out and oftentimes have to be completely shaved. Skin infections can also occur behind clumps of fur and go unnoticed until your dog becomes ill, so it’s extremely important to brush your pet’s fur out regularly between grooms as well.

Even if your dog doesn’t have long fur, everyone can benefit from a professional wash. It helps to keep your dog’s skin healthy and their coat strong and shiny. Keeping nails trimmed to an appropriate length is beneficial for pets and owners alike. Overgrown nails can actually curl into the paw and padding, resulting in extreme pain and sometimes surgery to have them removed. Cutting or filing nails down also prevents injury to other dogs and people from scratches. Grooming also usually involves cleaning out ears and expressing anal glands, each of which are things dogs can’t do on their own and can often time lead to unpleasant odors and even infections.

At Little Wonders Puppy Emporium, we want you to be just as happy and satisfied as all of your furry friends do no matter what service you’re visiting us for. We offer a variety of amenities and always use toxin-free and tear-free products, and we make sure your pup is relaxed without gentle massages. Call our Long Island Puppy Spa today to schedule your appointment, and don’t forget we offer 10% off grooming Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays!

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