Maltese 101

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When you adopt a puppy, you want to bring the best breed for your family into your home. Every breed of dog is different and requires different care from its owner. One dog breed that is perfect for families is the Maltese. Learn more about the Maltese by reading on.

Fall into Savings at Little Wonder Puppy Emporium

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We are celebrating the fall season by inviting you to take advantage of our fall savings and fall in love with one of our puppies!

Owning a pet like a loyal and loving puppy is sure to bring you endless joy. Not to mention, there are multiple studies indicating that owning a pet, like a puppy – dog, help you live a healthier life.

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Little Wonders Puppy Emporium is a boutique specializing in all things puppy. We carry puppy clothes, puppy collars, puppy beds, puppy accessories and most importantly holistic & organic dog foods. We only sell dog foods made in the US and Canada. Learn More

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