Benefits of Having a Pet!

Pets are a ubiquitous part of life for many people and there is no question of whether or not they provide any benefits. However, not everyone has been fortunate enough to experience the love and gratitude of a furry companion. For those that still doubt, we’ve compiled a list of compelling reasons to take up the mantle of pet ownership.

Pets Ward Off Stress

Everyone experiences stress, but its the ways in which we cope with it that separate us. No matter your preferred method, a pet can give you a potent advantage in the fight. Studies have shown that participants who spent quality time with a dog had lower levels of cortisol, a hormone that reflects stress, 15 to 30 minutes later. Additionally, higher levels of oxytocin (an indicator of happiness) and a decreased heart rate were detected in those participants who already owned a pet. The result is clear: contact with pets decreases stress and long-term exposure amplifies the effect.

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Pets Keep you Sharp

Staying at home day after day, often the result of retirement can begin to dull the senses. Recent research has shown that older adults who own cats or dogs possess greater executive function, also known as the ability to pay attention and remember details. Looking after a furry friend keeps your mind focused so you can look after yourself as well.

Pets Keep you Moving

Moving around is important and its no secret that adults don’t get enough exercise. Pets, on the other hand, are full of energy and excitement. The constant interests of a pet, particularly a young one, will keep even the most sedentary of owners on the move. Studies have shown that dog owners exercise about a half an hour more per week than those without.

Pets Relieve Pain

It isn’t an intuitive fact, but it turns out pets can play a role in pain relief. Studies have shown that adults who spent five to 15 minutes with a dog after a major surgery used less pain medication than those who didn’t. The ability to focus attention on a furry companion can be a great way to brush off your own ailments.

Pets Stave Off Loneliness

Loneliness leads to a whole host of problems and conditions, including heart disease and Alzheimer’s. However, a pet can be a great way to end the lonely blues and provide much-needed interaction. According to a recent study, older adults who own pets are 36 percent less likely to be lonely. Pets have few plans and are always home, making them the perfect companion.

While these are only five reasons, there are countless more that could be provided. The key takeaway is that pets are simply good for the mind, body and soul. If you are thinking about picking up a furry pal, or even if you simply want to say hello to a few, we invite you to visit our showroom at 15 Main St. in Sayville.

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