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The Shorkie is a designer breed of dog that is being developed in the United States. This little pup has the attitude of a giant breed dog, but is only as big as the dogs it is a mix of, the Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier. These two breeds are known for their personalities and affection, as well as their loyalty to their owners. If you want to learn more about the Shorkie, just keep on reading.

Gold Shorkie at Little Wonders Puppy Emporium

Shorkies are still in the development stages, which means they are still a crossbreed between a Shih Tzu and a Yorkshire Terrier. Eventually breeders intend to breed first generation Shorkies, making this dog a purebred. This will likely take at least seven generations, though.

Shorkies love to please their owners, but they are also stubborn when it comes to training. This is due to their short attention spans and sensitivity. Harsh training methods won’t work on these pups, and they may be more likely to ignore their trainers under these circumstances. A Shorkie trainer must be patient, calm, and upbeat. If you plan on training your Shorkie, consider short sessions no more than 15 minutes, ideally done twice a day.

Shorkies get along great with children and adults, making them the perfect family pet. They love to play, but they are also lap dogs. Their size additionally makes them ideal for families with small children, or individuals living in apartments.

Are you interested in buying a Shorkie for you or your family? If so, make your way on over to Little Wonders Puppy Emporium! We have Shorkie puppies available for you to purchase today. You can call us at 631-244-7877 for more information, or you can find us at 15 Main Street in Sayville, New York. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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