5 Stair Safety Tips for Dogs

Nearly every house has stairs, whether they lead up to the entryway of a ranch home or are part of a split level. It’s almost impossible to avoid stairs. If you are a dog owner, you are probably well aware of the steps in your home. Smaller dogs, older dogs, and puppies can have a difficult time with staircases and you want to be sure your pup is safe when climbing or descending these steps.

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Unfortunately, stair-related injuries are common in dogs and can lead to serious muscle strains, bruises, fractures, head injuries and even death. Fortunately, many dogs are equipped with the natural instinct to use stairs efficiently, but accidents can always happen. To make sure your dog is safe when using the stairs, here are five stair safety tips for dogs:

1. Supervise your dog

Watching your dog may not prevent an accident, but it will help you better understand the way your dog uses the stairs. If you see your dog struggling when climbing or descending the stairs, you can better understand any potential safety concerns.

2. Improve visibility

If you have a staircase in a darker area of your home, consider lighting this area to help your dog see better. The better your pup can see the stairs, the more likely they are to use them safely.

3. Install stair runners

Hardwood floors are visually attractive, but they’re also more slippery than carpet. For the safety of your dog, and maybe even you, consider installing stair runners on the popular staircases in your home.

4. Install ramps

For those of you living in ranch homes or homes with small steps, a ramp is a good alternative for those smaller staircases. A non-slip ramp will make moving around the house as easy as possible for your pup.

. Carry your dog

If you have a dog that simply cannot use the steps, whether they are too small, too old, or recovering from surgery, carrying your dog is the simplest solution. If you have a dog who is too heavy to carry, you may want to make arrangements for the dog to spend most of their time on the entry level of your home.

We here at Little Wonders Puppy Emporium want to help care for your four-legged friend as much as possible. Follow this advice and also consider stopping by our location to treat your dog to our grooming services. We also offer an excellent selection of the highest quality dog food, so come check us out at 15 Main St. in Sayville, New York.

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